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Newsletter, May 2015
In Mark 8:36 & 37 we read in the NKJV “For what will it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and loses his own soul? 37 Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? What a powerful and profound couple questions I believe.
We see a great value placed on human life today. Billions of dollars are spent to keep us alive and to help us enjoy life more. But what is the value of a soul?

Do you measure the worth of a man’s soul by his life, his personality, his status in life, his possessions or his money? NO!!, every soul is worth the same in the sight of God.

The Titanic was suppose to be the greatest ship of its day with a weight of 46,000 tons and considered to be unsinkable but on April 14, 1912 it sunk! One of the passengers on board was a man by the name of John Harper who was on his way to preach at Moody’s church in Chicago. While trying to stay afloat he drifted toward a young man and Harper said are you saved? The young man answered “NO” and a wave separated them. He drifted back over to him again and Harper said “Are you saved?” The young man said “NO” and the wave separated them and this happened a third time and then John Harper drowned. Are you saved kept ringing in this young man’s ear. Two (2) weeks later a youth stood up in a Christian endeavor meeting and told this story and then ended by saying “I AM JOHN HAPRER’S LAST CCONVERT!”

So let me ask you again “what is the worth of a soul especially to you if it’s one of your friends or maybe a relative? There are some groups of people that believe the worth of a soul is to give up their own life just to be able to tell someone else about the love of Christ and see them accept Him as their Savior. To me the greatest happening to me was when I accepted Christ and my Lord and Savior and the second event that happened and still does is when I am able to be instrumental in winning a person to Christ it’s as good as it gets besides getting saved myself. In reading “God’s Greatest Passion” by H. L. Hussmann he puts it so plain that being saved should drive us to want to lead people to Christ and salvation. If we aren’t trying to win souls we are selfish just wanting Him for ourselves.

Just three weeks ago I took ten Viet Nam veterans and one of them had his wife along on the Viet Nam Journey. I knew this trip was going to be awesome because I’ve never had a lot of problems getting everything ready to go and the airline tickets either. Usually the problem is getting the visa’s back in time and also and the names spelled correctly. This year I didn’t have any of those problems but I did with our State Department, two of the veterans went to renew their passports and they were told that they had to apply for new ones for some strange reason. One of the veterans received his in time to get his visa but the State Department held onto the other veterans for three weeks before they told him that he needed some more paperwork and it took them sometime to get it back to him as a matter of fact he had to go online and get paperwork so that he could get his when we landed at the airport in Da Nang which was easy.  
One of the men I took back was Danny who was in recon from July 1968 to August 1969 in the Lock Vin, highway 13 and a Michelin Rubber tree plantation in the central highlands area. He’s 100% disabled. We flew into Da Nang and spent the first night in Da Nang and after breakfast the next morning we boarded our bus and went to some places in that area and after lunch we drove to Hue going through Phu Bai to our hotel. While in what during the war was known as I Corp, which covered the Ashua Valley and the DMZ (Demoralize Zone). While on a bridge at the DMZ Danny and three others straddled the line painted to show the separation of what then was North Viet Nam and South Viet Nam, while doing that he received some physical healings along with a healing for his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When he came home his wife “D” told him she love her new husband and a few days later she told him that for the first time she felt like he really love her then she told him that she felt like God really love her for the first time and all because of the change in his life and the start of his healing for PTSD.

 I also took back Ron who arrived in Viet Nam in December 1966 and spent all of 1967 in Central Highlands area which was in the Da Nang area. He told me after returning about his first night in the Da Nang area which was where we flew into on this trip. He said he had his mosquito net, steel pot and M-14 and found a empty building since he was alone and set up his mosquito net and got under it with his steel pot and M-14 and didn’t sleep all night. He said that after looking at the itinary he knew we were going into Da Nang first and spend the night there at a hotel. He said for the first time he slept the first night in Da Nang.  

I had the privilege of taking Zollie who is the US Missions Executive Director for the Assemblies of God back to Viet Nam along with LTC (Retired) Emanuel Williams Special Forces who was the oldest to the group at 84 years young. His first assignment was in 1964 at the Ashua Valley and then again from 1969 to 1971 all with Special Forces. After his military career God called him into the Chaplaincy and he was just at a hospital awards ceremony and saw a Vietnamese lady and was showing his pictures to her and in Ha Noi they went to a Budhist Temple and she recognized it and said that she had been there, I asked if he had a chance to witness to her and he replied he did. Zollie was stationed in the Dan Nang area Chu Lai and on four different occasions he should have been killed but wasn’t.
Mike and his wife Lori went with us as well (Lori was the only wife that went us this time) and he told me that he didn’t usually connect with veterans too much but this time he was able to connect with us because we talked about God and different things and didn’t talk much about the war and ourselves.

When one listens to God and opens up to Him and lets Him touch their lives He will always touch them and even change their lives if they allow Him too. He will not only change one’s life when we ask Him into our lives but He will heal us of a lot of problems too.

Soldiers of the Cross Together,
Rupert Harrell