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Newsletter, May 2014
“Some Gave All and All Gave Some”
This past April 9th, 2014 I had the privilege of riding escort (along with three hundred 300) others twenty-two (22) Medal of Honor Recipients on motorcycle’s from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to the town of Gainsville, Texas.  When we arrived at their hotel we parked our bikes and went to a strip mall directly behind it.  After they were settled in they came over and had dinner with us.  We had the opportunity to talk with them for a while.  A very memorable and honorable time in deed!
In a couple weeks will have the privilege of riding with a lot of motorcycle riders, some veterans, some family member’s of veterans, all the way to Washington, D.C. on the annual  “Run for the Wall”  I’m really looking forward to that as well.
As I was riding escort for the Medal of Honor Recipients and thinking of all that they did to receive that honor.  They did not think or worry about what the cost might be to them as far as injuries or even if they would have been killed. They just saw the need and responded to the call of the one or ones that needed help.  We also have had different people today from all walks of life that have responded in the same way and received praise and even rewards of one kind or another for their act of heroism.
This coming May, I will be riding with a lot of people on motorcycles as well as those that will be going to help in their trucks along the route.  I was reflecting on the reason why we are doing this ride and it is to honor those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom to do the many things that we do and also the freedom to worship or not to if we so choose and there are a lot of countries that they cannot and do not have the freedom of these privileges that we do.  On that Viet Nam Memorial Wall there are eleven (11) names of men that I served with and they were “KIA’s” along with a cousins name on that wall.  Because of that sacrifice I always try to be the best man I can be to make up for them not being here, to still be giving to us and back to their families in different ways.
My thinking went on even further or should I say went back to a man that we all know and some do better than others because they have chosen not to and his name is Jesus.  He went through a lot of mistreatment and even misunderstanding as to what He was actually here for.  If anyone deserved to be the recipient of a medal it would be Him.  He was laughed at, mocked, not trusted and yet he went through all of the shame of n illegal trial that was held at night when it was not suppose to and even Pilot said that “he found no fault in Him” and yet they still cried out crucify Him.  Some of the Medal of Honor Recipients were killed and received that medal posthumously.  Jesus not only came that we might have life but have it abundantly and He does give that to us, and a joy and peace that nothing else can.  He paid the very ultimate price for our living and also our salvation.  His death for us was the most cruel form of death that they had during His time and He was willing to go through that for us.  He went further than just saving us from danger or in His case hell but gives us a peace that nothing else can.  Therefore we must always be the man or woman that we can be for Him giving Him or all.
If you don’t know Him, now is a good time to get to, because He can give you a peace and joy that nothing else can or will.  The most amazing thing about it though is it’s free for the asking and that’s all we have to do.  Just ask him to come into your heart and life and he will do just that.
This coming September 4 – 19, 2014 I will be taking people back to Viet Nam and Cambodia.  In Viet Nam we will be going to Ho Chi Minh City, Hue City (and Ashau) along with HaNoi.  In Cambodia we will go to the Killing Fields.  The application is on this web site you can download it and send it to the address on my web site.  I need the applications along with the $500.00 down payment so I can begin working on hotel arrangements for us.
Soldiers of the Cross Togerther,
Rupert Harrell