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Newsletter, November 2016
“May the Glory Forever Ring”

You may be a veteran of WWI, WWII, you may have served in Korea, Viet Nam, or the Persion Gulf. You may have been called upon to fight the battle for freedom against terrorism and tyranny on soil far from home. You may even have served your country during peacetime, adding might to the words of our diplomats and a united front to those who wish to do us harm. Whenever and wherever you served, you almost certainly left your friends, family, job, and your life behind to do your duty. You are a Hero!

We remember those who served freedom’s cause:

WW1: 4,734,991 served and 116,516 died
WWII: 16,112,566 served and 405,399 died
Korea: 5,720,000 served and 36,568 died
  Viet Nam: 8,744,000 served and 58,203 died
  Persian Gulf: 235 total deaths as of March 15, 2003
  War on Terrorism: 139 deaths as of March 15, 2003
  Operations Iraqi Freedom: 139 deaths as of May 1 2003

They heard our country’s call. They went forth and counted not their own lives dear, but offered them gladly in humanity’s name, for God and for right.

The greatest war in the history of the world closed August 14, 1945, when the warring nations laid down their arms. The German’s, Japanese, and all their allies laid prostrate, defeated, they who knew no mercy and had violated every law of humanity and civilization. They begged for mercy, but victory was ours! While history may overlook many of the brave dads of our gallant men and women, their memory will ever live in the hearts and minds of freedom-loving people of this great nation. The heart of every true American, must needs throb with wondrous pride as they honor the immortal American heroes who have fought for freedom’s cause. For those who died in the service and others who are now gone, the honor and glory is theirs. For those who offered all and still live, may the glory ring forever.

“What Is A Hero?”

On September 11, 2001, Americans watched in horror as two jetliners flew into the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center, and another crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. In the minutes and hours that followed, brave souls united in their resolve to protect and rescue. From the first responders to the regular citizens to the military personal who stood guard over our skies and borders, many went above the call of duty and answered the highest call.

These were not superheroes of fantasy and fiction. They were ordinary people, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, friends and colleagues. Quietly, courageously, they called upon God for help and rose to the occasion, many risking death to help others from the rubble. They are the brave, the valiant and the heroes.

“First Response”

Long before the Twin Towers collapsed and the Pentagon suffered a grievous wounded and the men and women that crashed the plan in Shanksville, PA, true heroes have been hard at work across the country, in small towns and large cities, day in and day out defending and protecting America’s citizens.

They are America’s firefighters, police officers and emergency medical personnel. They are known as “First Responders” and like our military; they are willing to risk their lives to serve others!